Kelly Weaver

Kelly Weaver has noticable green hair, peirced ears and a peirced nose. Despite his appearance and tendency to sport a leather jacket, he is a softie, and probably the smartest kid in class. In the Myers Briggs, Kelly is an ISTJ-A (introvert, sensing, thinking and judging,) Kelly doesn't make many assumptions, preferring instead to analyze his surroundings, check his facts and arrive at practical courses of action. Kelly is no-nonsense, and when he’s made a decision, he will relay the facts necessary to achieve his goal, expecting others to grasp the situation immediately and take action. Kelly is stubbborn and prefers to have things done his way. He gets frustrated when he notices something that others don't. He is down to earth, patient and careful. He dreams of being in a long term relationship with someone that can take care of him. He is a very pleasant person to meet. Kelly has borderline personality disorder, which makes him angry, anxious and depressed for long periods of time. He often does self harm and drinks alcohol. He has unstable patterns of relationships and finds it hard to make friends. He also has asperger's syndrome. He finds it hard to understand others, and tends to do things on his own. He is intense, and often recognises patterns that others miss. He has an original way of thinking. He also has a cleft upper lip which he can't treat because his parents won't give him any money.

Kelly has a bad family life. He lives with his abusive father and his girlfriend, who abandoned him and act like he doesn't exist. Kelly has learend to take care of himself and make his own food, at the price of not having a family, except for his close friend Jasper. His mother died when he was four and his dad had a girlfriend ever since.